Well it was a holiday in Canada yesterday , and I had to drive the boy back to college , so we decided to jump the border and go for a little shopping trip. I was in need of some groceries that I can only get in the US so it seemed like a perfect idea. Plus, everything was closed here anyways. So we loaded up the car and took off, fortunately it is only a 2 hr drive door to door to get there!

First stop

Bux stop

Obviously there had to be a Bux stop in there!

Then I went to GNC and got my fav protein Egg Protein , and I picked up some amino’s too because someone told me to strat using them!

GNC love

I will let you know how those amino’s work during my 4 mile run tonight!

The absolute BEST purchase of the day were these


I found these yesterday marked down to $99 from $139.99 and they HAD to come home with me! They are Mizuno Wave Creations and I love them! They will def be coming on my 4 miler tonight!

Lastly, nothing beats a trip stateside like a visit to my most fav place (besides Bux) Chipotle!!

Yes please


The boy went with a giant steak burrito and momma got the Veggie Burrito Bowl! This place makes me happy!

Well today is back to work after a lovely long weekend and that kinda sucks. I would much rather spend my days shopping, running and eating!
For those of you who have already witnessed these pics on Instagram , sorry for the duplication but I had to post my random adventures for all to see!


8 comments on “A little Stateside shopping!”

    • I do like it alot ,the egg protein.!I have yet to try the amino’s yet but I am pretty excited about them. I also love guac!!!

      • What flavor is the egg protein? And what do you mix in it? 🙂
        I’m sooo picky when it comes to protein powders and am looking for a good one to mix in milk or almond milk! I have a peach one that I LOVE but it’s only good in water.. but I’m in need of extra calories lol

        • I mix it in either almond or coconut milk.. it is vanilla flavoured. It tastes like vanilla custard. I will throw in pumpkin and cocoa too just to make it crazy

          • Ooh.. sounds yummy! I added a 1/4 cup sweet potato to my morning smoothie yesterday! Crazy! 😉 You don’t taste the sweet potato much, but it’s some extra good carbs if you need it!

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