I am thankful.. For strong legs, a good heart, fresh lungs and a mindset that won’t let me quit!
Today’s plan called for a 7 miler. Done!

7 miles through town

This was a really great run. I did not care about timing, I just to reflect. I loved it. It was damn cold though, I forgot my trusty Lululemon gloves for warmth and snot wiping! I am thankful for my new Mizuno’s, they are by far the best shoes my feet have even been in!They keep my knees in alignment and my ankles well supported. LOVE!!! Go buy a pair!
After my reflection run I just came home and laid on the floor, exhausted!

Happy runner

Now that my run is completed, I can go cook some sweet potatoes and Gardien Tofurk’y for my supper! The rest of the fam jam will be stuffed full of the real turkey and potatoes, Inkdgirl goes veggie style!
I will be safe with my food choices today and thankful for them, eat to fuel!

I hope you all have a lovely day with your family and keep on reflecting and running!