Oh My ~ Desserts

I just made it through year 2 of the big work luncheon as a vegetarian. Yes I got asked, “well you eat turkey don’t you?” Um , no! I eat vegetables!

This year did not disappoint either. You can survive on veggies, I swear. I filled my plate up with sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, fresh cut veg and dip, turnips and corn! See, easy peasy.

BUT, what I did not resist was the dessert table! I was craving a cupcake so bad last night and then today I was in dessert heaven. I did not over indulge though because my gut rearranging surgery does not allow for it. I would be instantly transported into the world of diabetic sugar coma hell! Not a fan, don’t like going there. I gladly packed up a little plate and ate the donut over the course of a few hours. I will wash it down with copious amounts of water and then do 50 planks ( kidding) to burn off that creme filled delight.

So , for us Canadians we celebrate our Thanksgiving this weekend and I again will fill my plate with veggies and maybe a Gardien Turk’y cultlet.. because they are really really good!

Oh, if I made you drool over that donut pic.. you are welcome!