I try, each month I set out to accomplish something be it fitness, running, home life, kids – something has to change.
Last month was freezer clean out goal and no grocery shopping for said freezer items!
How did it go? Well it was a success. Yes I did cheat a little when I saw something on sale that needed to be frozen, but I can say that I now have room in all 3 freezers for stuff! But, I am not ready to fill it yet. Baby steps as I still have a ton of food to get through.

The kids are happy that they are getting fed, decent home cooked meals. My crockpot is getting a workout, yes there will be a post later today for tonight’s meal.

So , back to topic – October what are my goals this month?
Well, I am 4 weeks into half marathon training and my goal for that is to continue with it, never stray and get better.
Running- I have another 10k booked for October 28th and my goal is to PR that! My last 10k was 1:03, I want sub 60 minutes this time!!!
Food- well for me I am happy to be back to my veggie ways and I do feel better. It just seems natural for me to eat plants! For the kids we will continue to clean out that freezer , who knows what is at the bottom? Yikes?
Work goals- too make enough money to make my Vegas Rock N Roll half marathon a spectacular event and be able to spend a ton at the fitness expo!

So if you make monthly goals I hope you keep them, work hard to achieve them and succeed at them.

Work smart not hard!

2 comments on “Goals- do you make them?”

  1. Good goals, chica! I don't buy into the whole veggie thing.. but do love the idea of eating real food :)And three freezers?! Do you know how much meat I can stash if I had three freezers..? 😉 lolGood luck with the goals!! I posted mine here: buff.ly/QRoUyr

  2. I like real food too! Yes 3 freezers, I am a food hoarder! I won't even begin to explain my canned good obsession! I am sure there will be an apocalypse one day and I will be ready. I try not to set unattainable goals, ones I know will be a challenge but worth it!

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