Now that’s a crazy title eh! Let me explain this one for you.
Today ended week 3 of half training and it called for a 5k race but I didn’t have one booked, so I raced myself! Yup , sure did! I went back to the site of a prior race and challenged myself to beat my time. On this particular route I clocked a 30:47 run so my goal was to finish under 30. Well I sure did! I finished in 28:10 with a first mile pace of 8:43! That is crazy fast for me! I really believe the new Mizuno’s helped! (Shameless product plug)!
Now where do the swans come in? This route was on the Bay of Quinte and the geese haven’t headed south yet, they we chillaxin with a couple of swans – wheels! Go get em geese! I had to take some scenic shots even though it was an overcast cold day!

I treated myself after my run to a Bux, but really who am I kidding- I would have gone regardless!

Then I did a little shopping in my running gear, sleeves and all – yes people looked at me weird! Screw em – I’m a runner! I was so stoked to find heat socks at Mark’s Work Wearhouse- last year they sold out early and I could not find a pair anywhere! I have the worst circulation ever and my poor tootsies turn a glorious shade of purple from November to March! These bad boy socks are Mine!!

Now I can relax, watch my Saints play some football and cook me up some veggies for din din!

A great end to Week 3 – bring it on Week 4!

Enjoy the pics, I was in a picture taking mood today!

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