Why you ask? No, not because I’m training for my second half marathon. Why, because I finally am the proud new owner of Mizuno running shoes! That’s what all the cool kids wear, right! Well I am now officially a cool kid and a runner!
Sadly though, today is a rest day on the training plan so I can’t even take them out for a spin! Dang!
I can’t wait to see how they feel , if I get faster or if my knees and hips don’t hurt!

My training is going well , I am still following the plan to a tee . Yesterday I did a really pathetic treadmill run. I thought for sure I was pacing much faster than what my Nike Running app stated? It had me going the same pace as outside, which is wrong because I run way faster indoors!

Weird? Oh well. Tomorrow calls for a 5k race but I did not find one to run so I am going to go back to where I ran one this past year and race myself! Smart thinking ! My 5k time at my last 10k race was 29 minutes, so I want to beat that tomorrow! I will beat that, I can beat that!

Positive thinking leads to positive results!

Happy Saturday friends!