Seriously I was trying to re- introduce meat back into my diet to see if I felt any different than when I was vegetarian.
At first I really didn’t notice much difference, keep in mind I do not eat much meat to begin with! It has been roughly 3 weeks now and I have decided it is not for me. I found I was not eating as much veggies because the meat was taking up all the valuable space in my teeny tummy.
I have felt bloated and full at the best of times.
I am not going to tempt the vegan side because I will fail at that! I love cheese and will never ever give it up. Sorry vegan friends.

So as of tonight I am a veggie girl again, who was I kidding, I was always a veggie girl who just happened to tempt fate for a few weeks.

I will still blog meat recipes though, I have a family to feed ya know!

But I will also be blogging more veg creations!

Thanks to my veggie friends who didn’t give up on me, I knew I’d be back!

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