Done, never missed a workout and finished strong. I credit the fact that I was logging more miles prior to starting this week and that had me ahead of the plan. But, I still followed the plan, not to a tee though. A couple of days I went just a little bit further, not far, just half a mile or so. Monday’s are the start day for the new week – these days consist of strength and stretching. So looking forward to stretching and rolling this body out tomorrow. Today was my “long” run of the week- a 5 miler. It was a gorgeous evening with nice cool temps and the sun was just setting, best time of the day to run IMHO.
I logged a total of 16.83 miles this week and feel great.
I need to stock up on more GU and Nuun though, been using these like crazy. I must say that the peanut butter GU is nasty! Not a fan!

Operation freezer clean out is still going strong and I just realized I have a turkey in there? Who knew?

Well I am off to feed this beast , peace out peeps! Have a great start of the week!