Ok I know I have not been very good with the meal posts lately and I plan to rectify it with this lil gem of a meal.

Pasta , did someone say pasta? Seriously if it isn’t taco salad ( which I am addicted too) then its a pasta meal. This is the magic that happened today

Chili Mac

You will need-
Extra lean ground beef
Elbow macaroni
Can of diced tomatoes
Heinz bottled Chili Sauce

Thats it! So easy , how to assemble this fancy high end meal- well let me tell you

Boil and drain noodles

Cook beef in diced onion till no longer pink.
Add Tomatoes and Chili Sauce
Salt and pepper
Add cooked macaroni and Voila, one pot wonder freezer meal!

If you expected something fancy you are reading the wrong blog! I’m all about easy peasy, get it on the table for the kiddies and be done!

Feel free to let me know if you changed it up at all. I’m open to new ideas!

Get eating peeps!