Done !
This was an amazing race and I highly recommend it for anyone who has not done it. They are so very organized, the volunteers were amazing and the post run food- delish!

My race began at 8pm but I decided to head to Toronto a little early, I like to be prepared. So what does this girl do for 4 hrs pre race? I head to Ikea! Sure did, had a pre race meal of child sized meatballs and a chocolate bar! Yes I finally got some chocolate! I have been craving it for day’s .
During my impromptu Ikea stop I grabbed a bunch of goodies including super cute pink glass plates ( because I’m girlie) and a chair , seriously oh hey let’s bring home a chair and stuff it in the vehicle pre race.
After my 4 hr adventure I realized I had a massive headache and there was no Tylenol to be found- off to find a Shoppers! Good thing there was one right down the road from the park.

Then I proceeded to enter Sunnybrook park which is a gorgeous piece of property I might add. Parking was good, only had to walk about a km to get to the festivities. They did have a shuttle bus for those who had to park further away.
I made my way to the race pick up tent which again was super organized! Bib 2085 for me! Yeah, 5 and 9 are my lucky numbers so I love when my bib has either.
I had to assemble the headlamp(mandatory and pretty cool) for the race. I thought this would be uncomfortable but is wasn’t and it was very useful, running through the dark pathways you could not see a thing. It was also really neat seeing the faster runners on their way back shining their lamps!
They corralled us at 740pm and you found your pace group. I picked the 65 min group hoping I was right! Once the race started it took some time before you could even think of breaking away from the group. You were on a path with 2 way traffic. Once we were 15 min in, the 5k runners started. Everyone was awesome and called out things like runner to the left, puddle, water! Great!
I felt I was pacing well for the first 2.5 miles and then there was a little hill. Thank god I’ve been doing the bridges because this was not even an obstacle for me!
I was starting to tire around mile 5 but I knew only 1 more to go girl, don’t stop now! I really wish we had our iPods (not allowed) because that would have been the perfect moment for a power song!

Once I saw that finish line I gave it my all, I wanted so bad to get there under 60 minutes! But alas, I did not 63:16(. 1:03:16 official chip time) . However, that is a PB for me and I will own it! I also PB on my 5k split time 29:53!!! I broke the 30 min mark! My place was 91/170 for my division. I’ll take it!

Here are some pics of the event, keep in mind I look horrible , no makeup and I have my race face on( which mini diva says is my mad face) lol

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  1. Funny you say that because there is a Monster dash in October I'm tempted to do! It's in Toronto again and there's costumes and all that good stuff! Running at night was way cool, and thank god for the other 2499 runners or it would have been scary!

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