Tomorrow I am off to the T dot ( Toronto) to run in the Energizer Night Race 10k. How am I getting ready?

Well , this started my day

Oh Em Gee…. fall is back and that can only mean 1 thing! PUMPKIN!!!!! Thank you Starbucks for bringing me back the pumpkin scone.. this makes for a very happy Inkdgirl. Now if only you would get me some sugar free pumpkin syrup for a latte , I would be happier.. we’ll chat about that later!

I know I should be carbo loading with some delish pasta , but seriously, who would pass this bad boy up?

Ok, back to race prep.. I am not really doing a whole lot to prepare this time. I did a lovely little 10k last night on this route

I really love running this particular route because it takes me through my town and up to the air base. There is always traffic and people to see, makes for an interesting run. Mind you, to the lady who almost hit me last night while she was making a right hand turn, piss off and watch were you are going next time!I must say too, running at 7pm is my favourite time of the day, I am NOT a morning person. There is no way in Hell I will set my alarm for some un godly hour and get up and run.. To those who do, KUDOS. I like to run as the sun sets, the air is crisp and it is getting dark. My mind wanders and I will admit, I sing my heart out ! Yup, if you pass me you will be entertained by my abilities!

So, I will update this post as the day progresses, but race prep will be kept at a minimum. I think I will just enjoy this one, not worry about timing and just have fun!