Most people make goals on New Years but to me September marks a new season/time to change month. So this month I have set a few and nothing crazy that will not ever be obtained.
First and foremost , my biggest challenge this month is to NOT grocery shop for anything other than the basics ( milk,eggs butter) . Why? Well I have 3 freezers in my house and everyone is so full that I am using boxes to keep them closed! I vow to use up everything I possibly can and make really great sit down meals everyday till I can close these freezers up like a normal person! I will be sharing all food related pics in my blogs and yes they will contain meat! Sorry veggie friends!

Secondly I need to drink more H2O , for life, not just this month. I have been slacking and drinking way too much G2 and Nuun ( I love Nuun BTW). So I am filling up me Camelback and chug chug chugging away. Insert pee break!

Lastly I am on a mission to simplify life and get rid of junk! I am a huge believer in purging and today being the first day back to school ( all kiddies gone) I got rid of a ton of crap! Mini diva does not need umpteen stuffed animals, babies and clothes that no longer fit . These items have been donated! Good deed of the day.

I am not setting any running goals this month as I begin my half marathon training next Monday. I look forward to cutting back the mileage and starting fresh with a new plan. My last half marathon time was 2:30:23 and I really want to lose that 30 min and do it in 2hrs! That will be a stretch for this slow and steady runner , but sometimes you just gotta BELIEVE!!!

So I posted tonight’s freezer meal! Costco pork chops , smashed potatoes and corn.. Stellar , I know!

Peace out friends