Today marked 7 straight days of running for this chick! I’ve been doing treadmill work to get that heart a pumping. I have been pacing well and really getting a sweat on burning some serious calories.
In 7 days I managed to run 39+ miles, almost 40!! That’s insane!

I feel good and I’m loving it!

On the eating side of things, my food porn has been dismal. I really haven’t cooked or eaten anything worth posting. I’m sure a picture of a plate of cheese and pickles won’t impress you! I’m going to work on that , I promise!

I’m trying to recreate some amazing “goo” recipes that my fellow blogger Stuftmama makes , but I’m not enjoying my Vega protein anymore? Something has changed and I no longer like it! I think it’s time to hit up GNC and try out a new kind!

Be sure to visit for some awesome recipes and great fitness advice!

Cheers all

2 comments on “Runstreak Day 7”

  1. Excellent weeks running Dawn, with runs like that you'll soon be booking a marathon! On the veggie front, why bother trying to make your food "meat like", just enjoy the natural flavours eg. vegetable curry & rice, salads, pasta or lentil bakes. Take care, John 🙂

  2. A marathon!!! Lol, I wish but I'm not ready for that yet! I've been trying to work on speed and just old old hard cardio! As per the food , fake meat is never the basis of meals and I love enjoying fresh roasted veggies and salads. Lately I just haven't been eating proper meals ad now that the kiddies will be back in school we will have routine again! Hence, family dinners with good food! Cheers

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