You heard that right, today is the day! I finally hit my own personal goal weight post #WLS . I started out in Aug 2010 at 284lbs. I was still active, golfing playing ball hockey, but I was FAT!!! I was a former Vertical Banded Gastroplasty patient but had complications in 2009 that led to a reversal surgery, hence the weight gain! Like 100lbs in 1 year! That’s when I found the amazing Dr Graber out of Utica NY , he was the only surgeon willing to touch me. Due to my previous surgeries my innards were a mess. He did it though, he fixed me and Aug 2010 was my re-birth. That day my life changed, my eating habits changed and I started a fitness plan. With the help of a vegetarian lifestyle and massive amounts of exercise(running) I lost 144lbs. Today I weighed in at 140lbs. Yes I am happy, do I need to get to 130-135? No, my body feels good right now, healthy and strong.
I am teetering between introducing some chicken and fish back into my diet for protein but I have not committed to that yet. For some reason I am suddenly wanting meat again, I have no reason why, my mind is just telling me to eat it? I will let you know if I enter back to the carnivore side and how if affects my body.
I am on #Runstreak day 6 and have logged 30 miles in 5 days!!! That is insane for me! #Memorialrun!

Yesterday was probably the worst day ever, I moved my son away to college, I had deals falling apart at work and pissed off clients calling ! I wanted to just lock myself in my room and eat sugar cookies! But, I survived! I woke to a much better day today and I know my son is ok! He called me a few times last night to talk. We are ok!

Well peeps,

Keep Calm and Carry On!

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