I’m so sorry Adidas but these Climacool runners did not make me happy tonight. They are so light and flexible and I thought I was going to fly in them but by mile 2 I was hurting! My toes, my Achilles , my legs and hips were not happy? Confused I was , I love Adidas so why is this happening. I just had a terrible run, only managed 5.6 miles in 1:05:20! Sad eh!
I think I will try them on the treadmill only and save my Adizero’s for the roads!
It was also stinking hot out today and I just wasn’t into that run!
I did make up a great G2 and Nuun Kona Cola drink post run, yum!!!

Then I was starving, I’m on a panini kick so I made a Morningstar Chik’n patty one with a baked potato sprinkled with nutritional yeast… Oh em gee – so good

Glad to be home, sad my run sucked, going to give the treadmill a go tomorrow and all will be good!