Back from a mini vacay with my girls. We shopped till we dropped and did a ton of walking. No runs during the 2 days away, but have no fear, I’m running again tomorrow!
Totally picked up a new pair of Adidas running shoes while in the US and they are kick ass! Pic below!

I also picked up some Adidas compression sleeves(calves & arms) I am so cool like that!

I’m also currently addicted to Chipotle and Panera Bread- 2 things we do not have in my part of the world ( probably a good thing)
We ate 3x at Panera! Hello orange scones!

Then today I had the best veg taco salad at Chipotle, oh my WORD!

Glad to be home, need to run and get back into routine. Vacations are fun, but I am a creature of habit .