Sure does!
Today I wanted to get out and hit the asphalt seeing as I’ve been tread milling it all week. The weather was perfect, phenomenal actually. Cool breeze and bright skies await me. So I grabbed the Garmin and my Fav Nike Running app and off I went. Well, the first 2 miles were excruciating! I just could not find my pace? I was shaking my head wondering why I was struggling, could it have been the prerun snack of cookies and a croissant? Nah!
So I got 2.5 miles in and then it all worked itself out! I was ok! See people, never give up, you can do this!
I had no route planned I just let my feet take me. It was a lovely run over the river, to the air base and back over the other bridge! Lots of up hill climbs which felt great!
My route is shown below.
I came home and promptly downed a G2 with a Nuun tablet, because that makes me happy!
Post run fuel consisted of tomato vegetable soup with at least a half sleeve of soda biscuits! I need that sodium to recover, right?
All this running took place after a lovely day shopping with my girl, hitting up Costco and of course a quick Starbucks run!

Happy Saturday peeps!

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