Totally forgot to post about yesterday’s most awesome treadmill run ! Have I mentioned how much I love the Nike running app, ok , I have! The props and shout outs one receives after each workout is so incredibly motivating. I like to listen to them over and over again just to keep myself in check. Everyday I try to beat the last workout just to hear a new voice say ” way to go”. I screen shot some of yesterday’s accomplishments to share ( kind of me I know!)
note on the bottom, I have run 55 miles in 17 days. Can I get a yeah buddy! I also managed a nice 56min 10k! I am owning these little victories and dancing about!
So if you are a newbie runner, like I was , don’t quit- it will suck in the beginning but it gets better! You can do it! Fight through the mental issues when your head is saying it can’t do it! Trust me – Your legs will not give out , Your lungs will breathe! Keep going!
Most importantly, remember that it is ok to walk! Don’t think you need to run a marathon yet, walk – run- walk! Follow the couch to 5K plan. I did and now I run half marathons and you can too!

Wow, motivational lesson complete- now go eat something healthy or drink a big ole green monster!

Cheers peeps

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