As promised I started my day with a green monster, well technically not really? It started with 2 cups of Starbucks coffee and a tea! I need my caffeine peeps!
After dropping mini diva off at daycamp I went on an 8am Walmart run, trust me this is the BEST time to go there, it’s dead!
I picked up loads of vegg, wraps, hummus and the beloved kale!
Then the magic happened! Green monster time.
Ingredients in this one
Bunch of spinach
Handful of kale
2 scoops Vega vanilla protein
1 unsweetened applesauce container
2 bananas
Splash of SF Torani Raspberry syrup
Tbsp almond butter
Cup of ice cold water

Juice it baby

2 comments on “Why not drink your veggies right?”

  1. So, is the secret to drinking these bad boys adding the sweet stuff, like the Torani syrup? Cause I tried one and was NOT a fan…..but I want to like them because they're so good for you!

  2. I like to add some sweetness to mine, the Torani helps for sure. You can add apples, ginger or even lemon juice. I try not to add too much sweetness though. Just a splash here and there! Some people add yogurt to there's too, I don't do dairy. Good luck and keep trying , you will find a combination you like!

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