That pretty much sums up a day in the life of this chick!

I have tried to run every other day now, so as too help heal the IT bands. It seems to be working because I feel amazing during my runs and my knees are giving me no issues. ( Touches wood, where is the wood??) Last night I wanted to get my run in pre supper, I was starving before I headed out. I managed a nice little 6.5km run over the 2 bridges in town and back up the hill home. I am pretty sure these inclinces are making me stronger, I am telling myself this and believing it! It was a sweaty hot run and I looked like this when I got home

Photo cred’s to @mikaelalidster

So after this run I could have eaten a bear ( no not really, that’s an animal and I don’t eat animals!)
So I had this

 WTH is that mess you ask?

I know the salad looks drenched in dressing , but it wasn’t mixed up and it was for effect only… I indulged in a lovely side salad of greens,nuts and a pear Gorgonzola dressing… roasted potatoes ( which mini diva claims were the BEST EVER) and the other goop- that is fried mushrooms onions and green pepper with garlic. Trust me this was delish.. however I was still hungry and hour later. I decided to munch on some Sea Salt and Cracked pepper popcorn , NOT a fan… it was too spicy, I will stick to lime and salt because that is my fav!

My other fav I need to tell you about is this

Nuun Hydration tablets are quite possibly the best thing ever ( besides my roasted potatoes)

After each and every run I drop one of these bad boys into a G2 drink and I feel so amazing! GO BUY THEM!

Shameless product plug over…

Have a great day , keep running, keep eating good food and be happy!