Well this was my first post vacay run and I let my feet and body decide how far we were going.
I wore my new kicks and they felt great, my feet love Adidas shoes.
I thought it wasn’t going to be a great run because the first 8 minutes were horrible, but as per usual, it got better as I kept going.
I ended up finishing a nice little 8.23km in 58 min, I do not run fast, I just try to get the job done!
I’m so glad to be back at it and am aiming for more mileage soon.

Oh yeah, today is my boy’s 18th birthday. This day officially marks me as OLD! Not only do I have a college bound son, my son is an ADULT. Oh gawd!

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  1. Congratulations on making it to "old" Dawn, I guess at 52 that makes me even older! Your son may be an adult but you never stop worrying about them, my son is now half way round the world travelling through NZ and soon Australia and only 24. Certainly wish I had that confidence at that age! Well done on your run, that looks a nice route out and back over the river.

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