Today was an awesome day, spent with the best guy I know – my son. We headed out to Toronto to spend the day shopping for his dorm room and it was exciting yet very emotional. In less that 6 weeks he moves away to college – insert sad face! We hit up IKEA and I believe I have passed on my obsession with this place to him! He loved it there! Back in the day he loved it for the ball pit, but he is a grown man now and has visions of furnishing his mansion he will one day own.
He has decided that as a grown man he will be keeping his dorm room childish and fun, so we had to get the dinkie car mat with the roads on it! Oh and the owl duvet set and kiddie cups (for beer pong) .
We then headed to Costco for 56 G2 bottles, because you can’t go to college without hangover medicine!
All in all, a good day spent with a really great kid who I adore!

Cherish those moments, even the little ones count