Well not really, but it felt pretty darn good! It was about 38 degrees out when I headed out to tackle some hills and this chick did not wear her fuel belt, bad idea! The first 2 miles were decent and I felt good, but around mile 3 I could feel my calves cramping and my body screaming for some water. I pushed on knowing I had only 2 more miles to go and then my phone/iPod died. Brutes! No Nike running app to cheer me on, no music- I thought how am I going to finish when all I can hear is my pulse and heavy breathing??? I managed! I felt so good after that run and I am glad today is a rest day as it is forecasted to be the hottest day of the year! I will eat well today, do a little work and spend the day with my favorite peeps, the kiddies!

Happy summer, stay cool