Yes, it is true.. we are over.
Sad to say, but I just cannot run on you anymore. You hurt my knees, you make me sweat and I can no longer tolerate the recycled gym air. Therefore, we are done. Splitsville.

Wow, that felt good, the best break up ever and I never cried a drop. I love running on the asphalt,sidewalks and neighbourhoods of T-Town. I zone out ,pop in the ear buds and run my flat lil ass off.

Every once in awhile I get a honk and a wave by passing motorists, which is great, so long as they are not doing it as a warning that they are about to run me down!

I think I may even began a love affair with the trails here in town, but really let’s not push it. My all time fav spot to run is by the water. There is nothing more peaceful than this view