Ok I know this is absolutely absurd, however, doesn’t a big old plate of mashed potatoes, fries, pizza or pasta sound like a heck of an idea? I will not be carbo loading tonight in preparation for Sunday’s 5k but I wish I was. Carbs are glorious foods that call out to me randomly throughout my day. Normally I would have to hold myself back from such temptations, but tonight I may just allow a few extra carbs into the meal plan! Not a carbo load though!

I am currently on a major cucumber crave , my little garden is just starting to produce some cukes! I will be having a plate of tomatoes, cucumbers,fresh peas and a side of “taco” meat with brown rice. A nice well rounded meal.

I got both my daughter and myself matching red tanks for our run. I love to coordinate our looks, we aren’t going to win, but damn it we are going to look cute!  Mission accomplished! Family time!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Canada Day and I will post race results tomorrow with cute pic’s !