This was by far the best taco salad in the history of mankind.. ok I am embellishing it a bit but let me tell you I enjoyed it so very much.. and so did veggie boy!

Now this was not a vegan dish , but my vegan peeps can definitely change it up.. You all know how I like simple easy to make meals and this one fit the bill. It all started with my favorite product ever ( shameless plug for President’s Choice Brand!)

I literally threw half a bag into a frying pan and then added this

Then I used a pre packaged ( bad me I know) taco seasoning packet and 1 cup of water.. let that simmer away

Now here is the hard part, take a handful of mixed greens .. place in bowl….
Top with taco “meat” mixture… shredded Daiya ( for the vegans) or just cheddar…

Then top with dressing.. this is what I used

Pretty intense , I know .. and yes I know I need to get my camera fixed because cell phone photos are crap!

Then I topped the salad with tortilla strips and then I gobbled it up! Veggie boy loved it and he hates black beans , but he ate this all up!

I hope you all enjoy my very difficult, hard to prepare salad!