Check this race out! It is going to be so cool! I get to wear a headlamp and pretend to be cool. I cannot wait to run this one in my neon yellow glow in the dark #FILA running tank! It is in Toronto and I do for see a trip to Whole Foods pre race!

This is an evening run , commencing at 8pm on a Saturday night , Sept 8th. This will prepare me for the Rock N Roll Vegas Strip at Night run in Dec… Think they will let me wear the headlamp?

My training thus far has been nothing short of pathetic. I am 4 weeks post plastic surgery and I cannot even say that my incisions hurt, my boobs hurt… nope.. it is my dang knee that is killing me.
Seriously, I was only off for 4 weeks, why can I not run a frigging mile without it killing me. This is stressing me out and I think I need to give up on the dreadmill,get outside and run in the fresh air. Maybe it is mental, maybe I just need to talk myself thru it? However, I will get past this lil bump in the road and I will be back to running my half marathon pace again. I may not be the fastest,strongest or best runner out there- but I am no quitter!

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  1. It's great to see that you're running is improving Dawn. As for the knee, I visit an Holistic Therapist once a month usually after a race and she sorts out my aches & niggles with a good massage. And, as for that dreadmill, definitely ditch it for the fresh air, you'll feel so much better for it going at your own natural pace. Take care, John

  2. John, You always motivate me and inspire me! I love seeing your comments and today is the day I say screw u dreadmill and get my run on! Cheers my friend

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