Confessions… I ate bad stuff…. not going to get into major detail but I ate some pretty wrong foods in the past 3 days. None of which was veggie powered. Guess what happened… I have been sick..puking…feeling shitty… My body was trying to tell me something and I got the message loud and freaking clear! Today I pledge to ride that veggie train all the way home.. no more sweets/sugar…processed crap for this chick! It has been since Oct 2011 that I went vegetarian and introducing crap food back into my meal plan sure shook me up. If I want to heal from this surgery I need to fuel my body with the foods that will heal it!

So.. tonight I am cooking up a big ole stir fry with crumbled veggie burger ( Costco Kirkland brand),vegg and brown rice… I can almost hear my innards cheering!

So for all my veggie and vegan peeps… please kick me in the butt if I ever think of this foolishness again!

Reformed Veggie Girl