Today was the very first day since surgery that I actually thought… I feel good.. I wanna run…I think I can???
But, I didn’t try… I am kind of afraid to bounce the new boobs around too much! My panni incision feels great and there is no pain or tenderness at all. I am thinking after the weekend I may just hit up the old YMCA and give er a whirl… I am sure there is a Wanted poster there because it has been almost 3 weeks since I have been there.

I am headed stateside next week to NY to see my WLS surgeon for my 2 year follow up appt.. I know they will be thrilled with my success. I am officially down 140lbs . I feel amazing and love my RNY. This trip will be most welcome as I am going solo ( no kids) so I will be shopping till I drop. There will be more running swag than ever this trip! I am also excitied about hitting up Victoria’s Secret, for obvious reasons!

Hope all my American friends have a wonderful Memorial weekend….

Peace out!

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