Plastic Surgery day has arrived!

I will be wheeled into surgery at the Hotel Dieu hospital in Kingston at 830 am where I will undergo a breast reduction and lift and a panniculectomy! I am so super excited for this day to have arrived! I have worked my butt off losing 137lbs… that’s right I weighed in today at 147lbs… I have no idea how much fat will come off in surgery and it will be hard to gauge until all swelling has gone down. The only part I am not looking forward to is the drains, My body hates foreign objects and rejects them big time. I am aware that I will need a pretty good amount of time to recoup and heal, therefore I cannot even think of running until late summer. I have already looked into fall races!

So I have taken pre op photos , but I am not going to post anything until I can do side by side pics with the new body!

I will be back soon peeps!