Well, I almost made it…

Finished today’s 5K at 30:07… dang! I wanted it so bad, so close I could taste it. I should have pushed it a little harder that last mile! Oh, well it’s not like my running career is over! I will get it next time. I sure hope my surgery break does not put me back at the starting gates! That would suck! I noticed after the race that I was wearing bib 9, same number I had for my half last Sunday! Hmmmm maybe my new lucky number!

Now I rest up and get better ( trying to shake this cold) before surgery on Wednesday, I think I may need to just chill out and not run for 3 days! Get my energy back? Probably won’t happen, who am I kidding?

2 comments on “So close to a sub 30 finish!”

  1. Well done on your 5k time Dawn, so close you'll definitely go sub-30 next time. Best wishes for your surgery on Wednesday and a speedy recovery, it's seems to have come round quickly 🙂

  2. Thank you, next time I will definitely try harder for that sub 30! Yes surgery has crept up very fast, I have been so busy lately that the time just flew by! Will keep you posted on surgery!

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