And all through the house, Inkdgirl paced… mad frantic pacing! Do I have everything, is my protein mixed, where’s my fuel belt, is my Garmin charged… is my playlist long enough???

And then … I took a big deep breath…and realized that I need to calm down.This is my very first half and I am nervous as hell. I actually felt physically sick… Then I said to myself, you have been training, practicing for this very day for months now. I am now realizing that I am not looking for a PR.. because I have nothing to compare it to, but merely just a finish.. Thats all this has ever been about, a challenge that I need to conquer. I need to treat this like any other run and just go out there and let my body take me.. not my mind… leave my worries behind me and let the wind blow me in the right direction. I have so many people on Twitter who are cheering me on and they have been a true inspiration to me. Without them I do not think I would have followed through. Their guidance,advice and overall suppourt has been incredible. You have made me accountable for all my goals and training runs. I hope that this time tomorrow I will be posting with results and a finish.. And the biggest smile ever because I am not a quitter and I will do this !!!!

Thank you everyone!

Here’s to a good sleep, happy dreams and a solid finish!