I love my boy… I love that he has embraced this veggie lifestyle as I have. He is right on track to becoming vegan as well. Tonight he annouced he is done with milk… Tears to my eyes! He is a growing boy, but I have no doubt that he understands what his body needs for fuel. He knows it does not mean red meat, chicken or any dairy.. He knows he will grow, get stronger and be healthier by eating a plant based diet. He has been my biggest inspiration and sidekick through this and for that I love him! He is currently in the kitchen making his lunches for the week, brown rice, sauteed mushrooms and veggies… smart boy… not many mom’s can be proud that their 18 year old is cooking a decent meal for himself, one that needs not be microwaved in under 2 minutes!
We spent the day re watching Forks Over Knives and Food Inc together to solidify our descions and know that we are wiser for doing so.

Today, I am a proud mama….

Love you @niklidster

You have become the man I knew you could be.. strong, smart, self confident … You will rise above the rest!