Yup, you betcha I did… Now I may make some mistakes, I may ask a ton of questions and I will probably eat something wrong, but I will at least be accountable for it.
I have been very good about my veggie fueled diet and the final straw to break was my love affair with cheese. However, Daiya cheese has been a life saver and I embrace it. So tonight I made this lil diddy

Vegan Taco Salad

and I used this as my “beef”

Not a bad little product… I cooked it up with some salsa, homemade taco seasoning and topped my salad with this.. then added Daiya to complete it… Yummo! I await the veggie boy’s review, he is the fussy one! I am sure he will find some fault with it… Mind you he made us supper last night which was divine.. PC Blue Menu Vegetarian Scallopini , topped with some Veganaise and Parm… ( I wasn’t vegan last night!) It was very good… Guess I’ll keep him around for a bit!
So day 1 of my new lifestyle and I feel pretty good… I forsee another Whole Foods trip in my future!

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