Seeing as it was Good Friday and I had a day off… I jumped in the car and headed out to the T-dot (Toronto) to visit this place

I was in awe, first timer, and I feel deeply and madly in love… the fresh kale,avocado’s and fruit… #swoon…. I stocked up quite a few things that my local grocer does not carry and perused the aisles at my leisurely pace… loved it and so worth the drive. I decided to load up on a to go dish and this was what was in it

Expensive but oh so yummy, this will last me a few meals.. There is everything in there from chickpeas, kale salad, grapefruit and couscous. Love it! Once I was done I decided seeing as I was in the big city I should sight see a bit because it was a gorgeous day.. went here

Oh the CN Tower, will never ever go up there, not a chance. Also checked out the Much music building, no rockstars there today

Then I went and did a little retail therapy on Queen St, hit up the Guess store to check prices and promptly walked out.. I’ll get that at the outlet! Then I headed into Lululemon and there it was, waiting for me …The Bliss Bag!

This was a want purchase, and I bought it, with a matching headband! I have been eye’n this bag for a few weeks and I just could not walk out without it.. Then went to H&M and grabbed some white denim for summer…. all in all … a great Good Friday!

Happy Easter peeps!