Product review…
Well I am not one to eat pre packaged frozen food, but I picked one up for those days when you just need to pop something in the nukkerwave fast. Tonight I cooked up this one

it was pretty decent.. brown rice, tofu and veg.. now i only ate about half the bowl but it filled me up quick and I dont think the stats were too horrendous.. Inkdgirl approval!
Now I will not be eating this everyday, but when you get home at 7pm and need something ASAP.. I am in!

Tonight’s run sucked huge, it was late , I felt rushed, people beside me on the treadmill stunk.. urgh.. I knew it was not going to be good.. I quit after 5km , but at least I ran.. so it was not a waste of time!

Today I got the race route for the half on the 29th, it is nice and flat.. just my style.. I am going to attempt a practice run this week and see what I can accomplish.. I need to focus!

Hope y’all are well… muah!

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