Well, I had some time in the am so I decided to roll out this bad boy

You betcha, I am a gold member at Starbucks, go figure. So I grabbed some breakky , which was a sugar loaded blueberry muffin, not a wise choice, but I am 8 friggin pounds from goal and I wanted a dang muffin.

I love a grande pike place coffee with a splash of sugar free vanilla and some lactaid… great start to the day!
My laptop has been acting up , major lately so I could not get any work done at the office. So, I decided that I needed to get to the gym for a run, it was looking like a storm or else I would have run outside. Princess doesn’t like to get wet! Here I am looking ready to go—

I had a great indoor run to boot, I managed 7km in 44 minutes. I know that I have way more to go to get to my half marathon distance, but remember – I am not looking to win it or PR it, I just want to finsih. They can pull my half dead body across that finish line, I will NOT DNF that one…
Then I came home and made my most fav thing in the world for supper

Roasted broccoli and cauliflower with shredded Daiya cheese… the soy milk was for my protein shake!

All and all, a pretty darn good day… let’s try and keep this up!

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