Last night I helped celebrate a very dear friends 40th birthday… We went to Kingston to an Irish pub.. Tir Na Nog.. and it was fantastic… I previewed the menu online to ensure there was a decent veggie selection and there was … I had one of the best veggie burgers on a sour dough bun ever.. it was topped with fried onions and a portobello mushroom.. Yummoo! I wanted to take a pic, but my iphone does not have flash and it was very dark in the pub! But, here is a pic of all us gals, the ball hockey/broomball team!

We are all flushed because we sat right in front of the fireplace, it was nice and toasty!
It was a very late night for this chick though, even with the 1 hour drive home I was fighting to stay awake. I do not like staying up late~

Have a happy Sunday… I’m off to open house a property for the afternoon!

Cheers peeps!

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