Need to do this… I have just been all over the map with my eating since returning from vacay. I don’t think I’ve sat down to a family meal yet. Even the kidlets are not eating properly. Time to focus and get this lil family back around the table!
My problem is I try to run at around 6pm and I do not want to eat before then and when I return from a run I am not hungry.. then I just grab random crap from the pantry and bang- supper consisted of a bag of crackers!

I happily ordered some Syntrax Nectar protein yesterday and it should be here today! I will have at last 2 shakes a day to get protein in me. I just need to get the more important veggies and proper carbs back in!

A daily struggle for all us #WLS folks, sometimes you just gotta rethink what the heck you are doing!

Now on to my fav subject, running.
Monday eve I went for an outdoor run at our local track and completed 5.07km in 37 min, including the warm up walk. Not too bad for run #2 of the day.

Last eve I headed back to the track hoping for better results.. 5.08km in 34 minutes, so I did better, but  still need work. My 10:30 min/mile needs to improve.. Time !!!

Life has been complicated lately and running clears my head, lets me think and eat a crap load of bugs!