So I am running in a 5k this Saturday and I need to get some outdoor runs in ASAP! Today marked the last day of dreadmill running for this chick.. I vow to not step back onto it until November, or if we get a cold freeze here in the balmy north!

I ran a very slow 5.01km run today, trying to pace myself for the weekend, but my mind has been in other places as of late! Get in the game girl! Think I need a second run tonight, might convince my 15yr old to come with me, she will most likely find every excuse not to go.. on my own, but I actually prefer that!

Now, back to the balmy north– it was over 20 degrees here today.. I am actually going to be able to keep this Cuba tan up! Yeah buddy…

Sorry for the lack of food porn lately… I have been eating my fair share of pizza… and whatever is made in less than 30 seconds.. but I did have this last night

there is nothing better than spinach with a ton of onions and garlic… all sauteed up in EVOO!!! Yum freakin oh!

on that note, time to prepare supper!