This has been a few days of NSV’s , then this am I had a full on Scale Victory…

Let me start off with the NSV ( non scale victories)
I have had a very busy week at work, spring market, Realtors are always busy… I have not been eating well (much) and my dear mother brings me down a pair of pants that she picked up for me at a store.. Size 6.. she says, ” I got these for you, they should fit after your plastic surgery”.. ok great.. thanks mom..So after my run last night ( late horrendous evening run) I decided to give it a whirl.. AND THEY FIT!!!  #yeahbuddy

Pretty stoked about that! Also, while on my pathetic run last night , my running pants were falling off, I knew I should have bought a size smaller… well off to the mall I go!
My new Garmin is awesome, but it did not map my route last night, I have to play around with it a bit, but I have my trusted MapMyRun app that I faithfully use!
I am thinking I need a rest day today, I have a 5k next Saturday and I don’t want to overdo anything this week.

Then this am it was the scale…. I did my usual morning routine and stepped on it ( I do it everyday) and I was 148… holy shit …. I haven’t been under 150 in decades! I have people telling me I am now too thin, and I have people telling me I am so fit… I’ll take the fit comments.. I believe the ones who think I am too thin are actually just jealous.. That is IMHO…. Screw them

I got my beautiful hair back yesterday ( extensions) oh how I have missed them.. to me my hair completes me!

Hope today is epic for all of you, my day can only go up from here!