WOW… just when I thought My 600lb life was crazy… they put this on, right before I am scheduled for plastics! Now, I used to be a nurse so the blood,gore and surgical procedures do not scare me… but holy crap ..that is a ton of skin removal! To me this equals pain!

I have now lost 132lbs and I have nowhere near that kinda of skin to be removed.. and you want to know why ( IMHO) because I have been running for months! I absolutely believe that even though I once weighed in at a hefty 284lbs, I was still very active and played sports at that weight. My body had muscle and definition, under the fat! Once I was recovered from the bypass I started running and I never looked back. My legs are toned, tight and STRONG! My ass is flat like a pancake ( butt implants?? hmmm) but I am so grateful to the gods of running for keeping me in this lean form~! I have been told on numerous occasions lately that I look fit.. healthy .. to me that is the best compliment!
So why are you getting plastics then Inkdgirl..? Right? Well… as toned and lean as I am, my boobs and gut are in need of this surgical intervention. It is a mental thing for me, I still rocked a 2 piece on the beach, but I want to look the best I can.. for me, no one else.. ME!

This show is a real eye opener for those who were once morbidly obese and made the desicion to lose massive amounts of weight.. and deal emotionally with the excess skin.. It is hard to wrap your head around a 130 lb weight loss when you look like Hell in the mirror.. I am all for this surgery and I am ever thankful to OHIP for footing the bill for me! I OWE YOU HUGE!

My 2 cents…

On another note.. totally went back to the mall today to get me more spring skinnies and left with a green and fuchsia pair….

And… I def bought the Garmin Forerunner GPS HRM online last night for $260… #winning! In 3-5 business days I will be running my flat ass of all over Ontario….

You go Inkdgirl… Run Chick Run

As a random thought… my coworker pulled me aside today and told me I need to start eating meat again.. because I was fading away .. getting too thin… Seriously … my 284lb brain… went WTF?? really… I not a vegetarian because I want to be thin.. I am a vegetarian because I want to be healthy!

Today was a messed up day… but

Tomorrow I will go back to the mall and get the 2 pairs of Guess Ballet flats I saw.. and everything will be right in the world again!

Peace out!