Ok, Day 1 of March break and I am already stressed out! My patience level is at an all time low and I do not feel like entertaining kids. The gym today was awesome , all the old folks must be babysitting the grandkids because it was dead! No lines for the treadmill and the weight room was dead quiet. The YMCA had the kidlets all contained in the gyms so it was nice and peaceful. My run however, was not as peaceful.. I had to pause 4 times during the run to breathe, damn broke ribs! I still managed to get 5.24km in 35 minutes, I’ll take it. My legs are not too happy that I took 8 days off, they are frigging killing me, feels like I am dragging tree trunks around!

Took the boy for allergy testing today and he broke out in welts everywhere, apparantly he is very allergic to all things outdoorsy ex weeds, dandelions, trees grass! It was quite entertaining to watch the poor kid suffer through it!

I decided after all that excitement that I would take him to the mall, to shop, for me! lol… I happened to stumble upon my next gift to me gift!

This Garmin GPS heart rate monitor retails for $389 bucks at Sportchek… and I want it!!!! I think that this will be on my arm prior to the half in April. I have worked hard for it and I am going to get it!

Then I found these

Red Calvin’s …. I have been looking high and low for a pair of red jeans and these were just perfect…. the absolute right colour of red! Stoked!!!

Friday I am getting my extensions back in so I will have princess hair again( as mini diva says) And I will be sporting these red jeans… might have to take myself out for a night on the town!!!

Look out world… Inkdgirl is on a mission!!!