I DID IT!! I registered and paid my entry fee today so there is no backing out now! I have until April 28th to train my broke ass body~ lol..
I was at our local running store to register and I was like a kid in a candy store. The brightly coloured shoes, fancy outfits and fancy gadgets had me starstruck.. I wanted it all. I felt like I belonged there, I wasn’t out of place , out of my element. Today I felt like a runner!
I bought myself a new 6 bottle fuel belt for the marathon and I wanted to wear it out of the store!

Day 2 back at the gym ( with broken ribs) and I actually ran my furthest distance yet.. 7km in 46 minutes.. I did some intervals where I bumped up the speed super high and then paused for a recovery breath! Those were hard to come by.. I knew I needed to get my breathing under control, broken ribs makes it very difficult!

Now I need to fuel my belly with some fresh veggies , I came home from vacay to a very sad sorry looking fridge.. let’s just say my crisper drawers are totally stocked up now! I will be roasting veggies, eating veggie subs and making tons of sauce this weekend!

Cheers peeps… Happy Saturday!