Where do I begin??? This has just been the best day ever.. I need to break this down by events for y’all

Scale Victory! Dropped another 2 lbs out of nowhere and I am now 12lbs to goal!

Morning- 815am run … 5.28km.. 65 mile challenge- BLOWN AWAY!!! I managed a solid 71.13miles this month in 29 days! Can I get a YEAH BUDDY! I am so stoked about this and I am not setting a goal for March becuase I am missing 8 days of it due to vacay!

Then after the run I headed straight to Kingston for pre op with my most FAVOURITE plastic surgeon in the world. The nurse comes into the room and starts asking basic questions.. then she says so what are you hear for.. and I am like– I have no idea.. she looked at me like I had 2 heads? But, I was serious, all I knew was that I got approved, but I had no idea if it was for bothe the reduction and the panni or not? So then the Dr enters and he asks me the same question??? Seriously! He had to call his secretary to see what I had been approved for… and I got BOTH approved… so happy! I am now just waiting on a date and I hope it is very very soon!

So after receiving that news I just HAD to go to Lululemon and reward myself and I did… I bought amazing stuff and did not even care about how much it cost! I am worth it! I then went to H&M and bought some cute lil outfits for the trip! Love to shop!

After all that I even put an offer together , made it to the office to hand off files to my partner and I am out of the building! Bags are packed, carry on ready, come on 2am , lets get going!

So I hope you can entertain yourselves without me for 8 days, and there will be a lengthy blog entry on arrival back into Canada… be prepared~
Peace out peeps!
Inkdgirl is leaving da country!