I think I am going to make this run challenge.. I am short 5.79km or 3.6 miles… I would love to say that I can bang that out in one run, but on a Monday morning, Not going to happen! I was planning on not running Tues am as I have a boat load to do before leaving to Cuba, but I may just need to do it… I am also considering doing a second run Monday eve?

My run today was great, a nice steady 5.32km run , starting my speed at 5.8mph and then gradually upping it to 6-6.3mph.. I dont like to go much faster than that… I fear falling off the darn thing in front of all the juiceheads! YIKES!!

Trying to fiqure out supper tonight… I wish I had a really young hot vegan chef at my beck and call.. but alas, I do not… I feel pretty confident that I will be roasting some asparagus again tonight ,because I am on a kick! I may just end up roasting an entire pan of veg and call it a meal.. topped with Daiya , of course!

Happy Sunday to you all~!