Today is a great day, I did it, I finally lost that damn pound I have been hanging onto for like ever!

I have gone from 284lbs to 154lbs.. that’s 130 gone FOREVER! I have just lost a normal sized female? YEAH BUDDY!!!I have been praying that the stupid pound would be gone by vacay and it is… Now I have 14 more lbs to go, to get to my goal of 140lbs.. then I start to seriously strength train.. I want definition and I want to see my baby biceps grow!

How did you get to this place Inkdgirl? Well this late night snack helps

8pm last night and I was craving roasted asparagus.. big time.. my body was telling me that I had not ingested nearly enough green stuff and it wanted it! So I cooked some up.. and it is easy peasy

Cut off ends of asparagus, lie on a foiled lined baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, 1 tbsp minced garlic, roll them in the garlic and oil, bake at 425 for 30 min or so, then sprinkle on some Daiya cheese for 5 min.. eat!
Best snack ever… make sure you turn the oven off.. I forgot last night and someone found the smoking asparagus and turned it off for me.. oops! They still ate the food though.. burnt asparagus is still good apparently.. I love my veggie family!

Ran another 5.18 km today, felt amazing ..was considering doing an outdoor run but forecast says we are about to get hit with a major storm tonight so the treadmill it is!

Enough of my antics, time to work then tan , then shop, then cook more asparagus then watch Jersey Shore — Yeah Buddy