Yeah buddy!

Pretty excited when supper is breakfast~! I love pancakes and so do the kidlets, however only mini diva will be home for supper tonight as the older ones have to work.. so that means chocolate chip pancakes for sure! Shrove Tuesday does mean that Lent starts tomorrow and I need to think of something I am willing to give up for 40 days… This will be a tough one this year because I have given up so many fun things in the past 2 years, to better my health– sugar,meat, alcohol,late nights,partying,FUN- so what can it be? Oh please do not say coffee or tea please please… that will be like the end of the world for me! I will have to sit on this one, I need to think it out!

Run was awesome today, I finally joined Fitocracy the other day so I now have yet another spot to log my runs! I managed a 5.18km run in 35 min today and the old lungs cooperated! No huffing or puffing today!

Hope you all have a lovely Shrove Tuesday and eat up them pancakes!