Yes , today was a holiday and to celebrate my local YMCA had an open invite to the community.. and it was a ZOO!!! I tried holding off on going till 11ish this am, hoping to avoid the pancake breakfast crowd(and the pancake smell) but alas I did not miss it… I went at the exact wrong time.. I kinda figured that the crowd would all be in the community pool (gross) but the cardio room was nuts! I jumped on treadmill J asap as it was available and proceeded to complete a solid 5.14km run. To the lady walking beside me watching my speed and pace ( piss off) I am sorry I was huffing and puffing a bit, I took 2 rest days and my lungs forgot how to breathe.. dually noted for tomorrow’s run!

After my run I found a mock ticket placed on my car windshield (because there was no parking left in the lot, I had to park on the road) less than 100m from a hydrant , to boot. So I was freaking out that I had a $300 ticket, but thank god I know people in my town, my good friend AKA COP left it as a joke, it said my infraction was for parking less than 100m from a McDonalds ( which is beside the Y, go figure) and my fine was a Grande Starbucks coffee! So guess where I went after the gym, directly to the Bux and grabbed my fav cop a coffee. He was delighted to see me arrive at the police station with a coffee in hand!

So it has been an eventful family day, hanging with the kids… and Bachelor Ben tonight… Life is Grand!

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