And that is the God’s honest truth! Oh man am I ever feeling my age (25.. humm urggh humm humm 41).. So last night I had 2 of my good friends over and my boy decided to have a ton of kids over.. this lead to a very late night for this chick! I am the one who is tucked in tight by 8pm watching some mindless PVR’d TV.. and owning it..but last night it well past 3 am when I was whisked off into a dull consciousness.. medicated to boot! Then up again by 730 am, huh, what the hell are you doing to me states Inkdgirl’s body.. first you take a day off from the treadmill then you abuse me with these late nights and rowdy behaviour! Punishment! I am a bag of bricks today, lazy and unmotivated… let’s just say I succeeded in 2 rest days from the gym so my hammies will be happy, but I hurt.. I do not drink yet I awoke today with a wicked hangover feeling , that just sucks when you have no excuse!

So my day today consisted of the following—
wake up, moan for 2 hours
show property for 30 minutes
hit up wally world for essentials
make essentials for supper
then commit to nothing else but planting my flat ass in bed for a marathon night of Young and the Restless (PVR’D)

Tomorrow I will pay for it dearly on the treadmill and I will be okay with that because today… I Ain’t doing nothing!